There are parts that require very strict geometry control: wall thicknesses, mold exit angles, parting lines, bore diameters, threads, tolerances, etc. For these cases we will use technical or industrial modeling.



All designed objects have a particular material assigned from which their physical characteristics can be extracted. Said objects can be created with industrial modeling through boolean operations, revolutions, sweeping, etc.


When the ergonomics and aesthetics of an object are a factor, they must be taken into account seriously. Transitions, tangencies and curvatures are important when the product is designed to interact with the user.


Modifications, iterations, trials, changes, adjustments and versions of a file are not a problem. By configuring the structure of the file adequately we can implement all the necessary changes.



If you have specific questions about industrial modeling, do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice without obligation. We will be happy to help you!
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When we must model an object that would be easier to sculpt by hand with plasteline, with natural, organic shapes, details, wrinkles or capricious forms, the modeling we are interested in is:


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