About us

Our history

Protofile 3D was created with the purpose of helping and supporting companies in the approach and development of technical projects related to the development of 3D files. The way to make a concept or industrial idea real, is by converting it into a digital file that allow us the different stages of industrialisation of a project to be followed with the guarantees and fluidity. Avoiding problemas and unforeseed events, laying solid foundations with which to test, calculate and demonstrate that your project is real and works, can make the difference between a succesful project or an idea that remains unresolved.

We put all our experience and skills at the client’s service to accompany them throughout the project, forming part of their team. Over the last few years Protofile 3D has collaborated in projects of all kinds with clients from different industrial sectors, always with the same level of commitment, regardless of the size or type of tasks to be carried out.

The experience accumulated in design, 3D modelling and engineering support throughout all the projects in which we have had the opportunity to collaborate in the past, today, are the best guarantee to successfully achieve the challenges and objectives posed by new projects.

At Protofile 3D we have clear that our greates value lies in our human capital. We have or own solid team, oriented to achieve or clients’ objectives in a proactive and efficient way. No matter what type of relationship our client wants for their project. As always, and as we have been doing throughout these years, our commitment and involvement will be maximum.

Our team

Protofile 3Dis made up to a team of engineers, product designers and project management experts, with extensive experience and expertise in 3D modelling and industrial technical development. We form a committed and efficient team, capable of approaching projects from a global perspective. Our experience and involvement add value to the projects we work on an allow us to meet our clients’ project objectives.

Our values and capabilities are the best guarantee for successfully tackling any new project. We know that for our clients, we are just another link in the production chain and therefore, we offer flexibility and work deadlines commited to the needs of each project.

Protofile3D team

Although we are always connected to the latest industry innovations through regular training, at Protofile 3D, in order to always offer the best possible service, we surround ourselves with experts and trusted partners who help us to expand the possibilities and improve the results of each project.

3D modelling and prototyping, as well as the different rendering software, are constantly being developed and updated, so our team is always up to date with new developments and improvements that complete us as professionals and improve our services.

At Protofile 3D we givee importance to the details and to dealing with the client with the intention of generating lasting relacionships, from which projects arise that provide the maximum possible value to both and to be able to grow together as a company and as people.

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