When we have to model an object that would be easier to sculpt by hand with plasteline, this is the modeling we are interested in.


artistic pieces

Artistic drawings, sculptures or pieces of jewellery are some of the examples that we can digitise using organic modelling. We can reproduce every detail taking into account the expressiveness and the concept behind each object. In addition, we can develop the file so that you can later make a 3D object through prototyping.

details and patterns

Organic modelling, through details and patterns, is a way of modelling more freely, artistically and with no more restrictions than the project brief. Helping through different techniques such as sculpting, modifiers or particle systems to create shapes, patterns and details that would otherwise be impossible.

animated positions

Organic Modeling is ideal if we want to place the object in different positions by means of an armature and create a small collection. We can even prepare this object to animate it in a sequence. We generate powerful and dynamic content by combining animation and modelling techniques.


When we have to model an object that would be easier to sculpt by hand with plasticine, this is the modelling we are interested in.

Organic modelling has a process closer to the artistic world than to the industrial one, but even so, we approach it in such a way that the final result has a functionality: either rendering, prototyping or industrializing the modelled object.

We start the process with a preliminary sketch or study of the general shape of the object. From this first step, we involve the client in the development of the project to ensure that we are on the right track and that we will reach the ideal result on the scheduled dates.

Organic modelling allows us to reproduce disruptive and innovative shapes and surfaces which, together with creativity, can result in a unique and surprising object. Not always for artistic applications, we can also use this type of modelling for details of technical parts such as ergonomic curves, applying special textures or shapes that give a futuristic look.

There are many sectors of the industry that find it technically difficult to realise a project if it has artistic forms or features, such as jewellery, trophy design, replicas for props or commemorative merchandising. Protofile 3D team are experts in converting your ideas into 3D modelling without losing the essence of your project and ensuring you get the ideas end result. In addition, we get involved in your projects providing creativity and innovation to add value and surprise you with the final result.

We are trained to work with most of the software used in the industrial sector. We can also give you technical support so that you can work hand in hand with us without any software being an impediment.


If you have specific questions about organic modeling, do not hesitate to contact us for personalized advice without obligation. We will be happy to help you!
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There are parts that need a very strict control of the geometry: wall thicknesses, mold exit angles, parting lines, bore diameters, threads, tolerances, etc. For these cases we will use:


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