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At Protofile3D we help our clients’ engineering, design and marketing departments to achieve their goals efficiently.


There are elements that need a very strict geometry control, such as: wall thickness, mold angles, partition lines, drill sizes, screws, geometric tolerancing, etc.
We often prefer to model objects by hand using plasticine, as it allows us to achieve much more natural, detailed or even capricious shapes. In these cases we are interested in organic modeling.


Bocetos· Protofile3D


We model and give form to your ideas starting with a free-hand sketch. In this way, we can realise your ideas, thoughts or conceps from the beginning of your project. With the sketches, we anticipate the complications of future execution and study the main axes of the design.

Imágenes · Protofile3D


If you have some photographs with views of the object, it will help us to generate your file. This option is very useful for the study if large and heavy objects that are difficult to transport, as without the need to physically have the original object, we can study it and analyse it to make a replica or apply some improvement.

Planos · Protofile3D


Based on a current technical blueprint or an old hand-drawn project, we can interpret your design and understand your ideas to develop a 3D file. The blueprints help us to calculate and visualise different objects and spaces, and then bring them to reality for 3D prototyping.

Muestras · Protofile3D


From a physical object or a sample, it is possible to make measurements or scan it in 3D. Samples allow us to understand your ideas and concepts in a cleaner and more precise way. This is the most agile way to create the modeling you want.


Ingeniería · Protofile3D


At Protofile3D we design the files thinking about the way in which they will be implemented, applying the technical and industrial limitations of their production process with which they will be prototyped or procuded. The 3D files allow engineers to create high fidelity prototypes that accurately represent what the final product will look like.

Marketing · Protofile3D


With our rendered images you will be able to visualize your products, prepare catalogues and presentations. Our prototypes will help you to make decisions during market tests and focus groups. This presentation of renders is evident in both online and offline marketing campaigns. They help us to create an impact of the product to the consumer and generate emotions with the brand.

Impresión 3D y Prototipado · Protofile3D

3d printing and prototyping

We make it even easier for you, as we prepare for you the files ready for 3D printing and prototyping. No matter what machine, technology or material you are going to print with, these files are suitable for many uses in 3D printing and prototyping.

Sustitución de piezas descatalogadas · Protofile3D

replacement of discontinued parts

At Protofile3D you can find the solution to the problems related to the reproduction of discontinued parts or components that you need for your industry. We offer you the opportunity to have the discontinued parts or spare that will allow you to reduce costs and continue with your project.

Reparación y recuperación de archivos 3D · Protofile3D

repair and recovery

We repair 3d models and corrupted files often created during transfers between different software programs. Don’t worry if an error occurred during the conversion and the 3D file fails, we will fix it for you so that you don’t spoil the final result.

Para conseguir objetos únicos · Protofile3D

unique objects

Artistic drawings, figures or unique pieces that are not part of the production standards, but we can turn them into a real object. If you have ideas for figures, pieces or even drawings that you want to be physical, real, we can do it for you.



We are a team of technicians, engineers and product designers, capable of adding value to any project.


We fully understand that every project and company is different, that is why we don’t suppose that 2 plus 2 always equals 4.


We get completely involved in getting the objectives that a project needs to achieve, no matter the effort needed.


We strive to maintain lasting relations with each and every of our clients. A personal and transparent relationship is our best investment.


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